Why Isn’t God Helping Me?

September 28, 2020

Have you ever wanted to hurl your arms and say “I quit! I can’t change! I thought when God came into my life things would improve, however they haven’t.” It doesn’t make a difference in case you’re another Christian or have been a Christian for various years, these emotions can sneak in and set you up for disarray and disappointment and as to why doesn’t god answer my prayers.

So where did things turn out badly? Commonly our desires aren’t right since we need full information on how things work in the profound domain. We don’t comprehend that our soul has been restored, yet our spirit (mind, will and feelings) and our body (our five detects) have not been reestablished. It’s dependent upon us to instruct our spirit and body to come into arrangement with how God needs us to live.

Does God forsake us until we start thinking responsibly? No! He is with us consistently, consistently. He gives us direction through His guidance book, the Bible. At the point when we become a Christian (accept that Jesus Christ is God’s just Son and He took care of our wrongdoings by His dying on the cross and He was raised from the dead and rose to paradise to live there perpetually) God sends His Holy Spirit to live inside us. Our human soul truly becomes brought back to life by the Holy Spirit taking a living arrangement inside us.

The Holy Spirit has the entirety of God’s capacity and love. Thus, we have the entirety of God’s capacity inside us. This force will enable us to change – yet we have to comprehend what parts of our life God needs to change. We become familiar with this by reading the Bible and making a move.

Through reading the Bible and supplicating we start to change our reasoning and our convictions. One significant thing we learn is that God won’t drive Himself upon us. We are not manikins in God’s grasp. We have the opportunity to settle on decisions. In the event that we see things God needs us to do (or not do) and we overlook that guidance, our circumstance won’t change. This is the point at which we get disappointed in light of the fact that we anticipate that God should intercede in our conditions and power change.

Another significant rule to learn is that things set aside effort to change. This applies not exclusively to our own character, yet in addition our conditions. While we can chip away at building up a genuine character, on the grounds that others additionally have their decisions to make, God must sit tight for them to settle on the correct decisions so as to set up an adjustment in our conditions. And keeping in mind that we’re pausing, God gives us His effortlessness and harmony to deal with any circumstance we are experiencing.

Part of the cycle of progress is planting profound seeds (the Word of God), sustaining them, and permitting time for them to come to full development. On the off chance that we don’t plant seeds, we won’t have anything to gather (change in ourselves). This is the place we can get disappointed in light of the fact that we anticipate that God should get things going snappier than they are.

The ability to change things in ourselves and our conditions originates from having God’s Word (Scriptures in the Bible) working in our life. These “seeds” get planted and established in our heart through our activities. Information alone won’t transform us. We can’t sleep in our room and just read the Bible. We should put activity to our new information.

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