How To Use A Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom With a Shorty Helmet

December 14, 2019

Along these lines, you need to utilize a Bluetooth motorcycle radio or headset like the Scala G4 or Sena SMH10. You are persuaded of the advantages of having a radio or tuning in to music, matching to your telephone and so forth yet a large portion of the year (the a large portion of that you ride the most) is hot and you wear a half head protector. Motorcycle helmet with bluetooth built in similarly as some other helmet however the test is the place to put the speakers. Here are your best alternatives:

Sena SpH10 – The Sena SPH10 behind the ear radio was discharged late in 2011. It is intended to be utilized with a shorty head protector or with no helmet by any stretch of the imagination. On the off chance that your helmet decisions are half helmet and no helmet the Sena SPH10 may simply meet your requirements.., on the off chance that it accommodates your head. It appears to fit normal and greater than normal heads well however you will need to give it a shot and ensure the speakers sit simply over your ear waterways. The downside to utilizing the SPH10 is that it CANNOT be utilized with a 3/4 or full face head protector. So on the off chance that you wear a full face helmet in the winter months think about one of these different choices.

Use Speaker Pouches – IMC is the maker of Harley headsets and their speaker pockets (sku is HF-cushions) can be obtained for about $25. These cushions slide between the head protector shell and its covering. You would then be able to introduce the Bluetooth cruiser radio speakers into the pockets. The v-tie of the helmet holds the speaker pocket to your ear. This alternative enables you to look over generally any of the Bluetooth bike headsets available today and on the off chance that you get a Scala G4 or Sena SMH10 you can purchase an extra helmet clasp for about $35 that can be introduced on your winter helmet. The Bluetooth radio module would then be able to be moved effectively between helmets. Both the Scala G4 and the Sena SMH10 have enough volume to be heard over the breeze and fumes clamor under ordinary riding conditions and speeds. Numerous other Bluetooth bike radios need more volume and are not appropriate for half helmet use.

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