Beth Moore’s Esther Bible Study

September 25, 2020

Beth Moore has quite recently come out with another womens bible study named “Esther: It’s Tough Being a Woman.” If you have ever gone to one of her studies then you realize that her intended interest group is ladies, yet men can come on the off chance that they need. Esther then again is extraordinary. This study was made for a lady.

She even committed it to her two girls. Before making the study she conveyed an email asking the lady what three things make it “Extreme Being a Woman.” During the study she shares her “Red Book”, the reactions to that email. Those reactions, some extremely passionate, some entertaining are entirely relatable to any lady. This study isn’t a man slamming study like some may think, yet rather a decent gander at being a lady.

Our feelings, our requirement for a mother figure in our life, our uncertainties, and even our affections for other ladies are examined. This study additionally contains schoolwork for 5 days per week. The schoolwork is just around 30 minutes to 45 minutes in length relying upon the understudy. During your schoolwork you will for the most part remain in the Book of Esther.

A portion of the material you will read in different parts is to strengthen the Book of Esther or to give some history behind the book (this is insignificant). Through the span of this study you will increase some knowledge about yourself just as others, and above all God who isn’t referenced in the Book of Esther. In general this is an extraordinary Bible Study for any Christian lady of any section.

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